The rheingold Institute
rheingold is a renowned provider of qualitative psychological research
The rheingold institute, which was previously known as Cologne IFM, was founded in 1987 by Stephan Grünewald and Jens Lönneker. It has 100 staff members that consist of graduate psychologists and psychologically-trained researchers. We use morphology, which is a school of psychology developed at the University of Cologne, to analyse consumer behaviour. This allows us to examine the unconscious mental factors and contexts that determine our individual actions when we are shopping and using products and media offerings. The results are often surprising. We do this by every year putting more than 7,000 men and women “on the couch”.

So how does rheingold conduct research? By employing psychological in-depth interviews that allow us to delve into the psyche of consumers to produce actionable insights. In two-hour face-to-face or group explorative sessions, rheingold’s psychologists reveal the often unconscious mental influences and factors that determine consumer behaviour. During the explorations, consumers are encouraged to describe in their own words everything that occurs to them in connection with the issue under discussion.

Our psychological depth interviews represent joint quests. In ever-deepening and intensifying descriptive processes, concealed or unconscious thought patterns are identified and exposed. This process unmasks turning points and psychological transitions which are explored to reveal their impact on consumer behavior.
Morphological research
The whole is more and different than the sum of its parts. Not only Aristotle saw something hidden behind the seemingly obvious. The seemingly obvious often tries to trick us: it doesn‘t want the suppressed to surface, so that the treasures of the unconscious often lie in what people don‘t want to tell or have trouble to express.
Our services
In the 25 years we’ve been in business, we’ve had plenty of time to optimise our services so that we are able to analyse and interpret drivers of markets, brands, products and trends as well as consumer behaviour, values and hierarchies. We also know how to adapt our services to the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we developed our own tools and specific techniques.
Depth psychology
Using depth psychological methods and concepts from morphological market and media research, we create transparency in the structures, dynamics and development of open markets and open up creative and innovative pathways for marketing.
Working at rheingold
Staff at rheingold have one thing in common: They’re enthusiastic about morphological research, want to know more, are not easily satisfied, possess very high professional and personal skills, a keen sense of quality, are ambitious in the best sense of the word, committed, friendly and helpful...
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