Market research in Cologne and San Francisco
rheingold is a renowned provider of qualitative psychological research
Using morphology — a school of psychology developed at the University of Cologne — our 100-strong staff of graduate psychologists and psychologically-trained researchers analyse the unconscious mental factors and contexts that determine our individual actions when we are shopping and using products and media offerings.
Once upon a time...
Once upon a time
But how did the rheingold story actually get started? rheingold was originally eponymously titled “Grünewald & Lönneker” after Stephan Grünewald and Jens Lönneker, it’s two founding psychologists. At that time the institute consisted of nothing more than a “fictitious” address, an answering machine and a telephone...
The rheingold philosophy
Using depth psychological methods and concepts from morphological market and media research, we create transparency in the structures, dynamics and development of open markets and open up creative and innovative pathways for marketing.
You want to know more...
Staff at rheingold have one thing in common: They’re enthusiastic about morphological research, want to know more, are not easily satisfied, possess very high professional and personal skills, a keen sense of quality, are ambitious in the best sense of the word, committed, friendly and helpful...
The rheingold Academy
Every object and aspect of our everyday lives possesses its own psychological secret. At rheingold we employ a special methodology to systematically determine what these secrets are.

The rheingold academy is dedicated to training researchers to use depth-psychological methodologies. The successor to the Cologne Academy of Market and Media Research, rheingold Institute works in collaboration with the University of Cologne to provide practical training in market and media psychology.
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The way to rheingold Cologne
Our headquarter is in Cologne, Germany. You can reach us by bus, train, underground or by your own car.
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