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Here you will find reports and summaries of recent studies and publications of the rheingold institute.
rheingold institute in Shanghai
Cologne, 18 April 2018 – rheingold institute has just opened a branch in Shanghai to further strengthen its successful activities in China. The institute has been working with Chinese clients of all industries for many years, by effectively positioning their brands and helping them to fully take advantage of the Chinese economic growth. After the San Francisco branch the new Shanghai office is rheingold’s second international office.
In his speech at the 61th Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum, Stephan Grünewald provided valuable insights on the hidden desires that subconsciously influence consumer’s choices for different retailers and brands.
rheingold’s Introductory Presentation
Introductory Presentation
Added value through in-depth psychological market research. Learn more about our work, our approach and why understanding market dynamics psychologically is a solid foundation for marketing strategy.
Shopping Today: The Power of the New ''Digital'' Body Parts
"Bionic Shopping"
In the digital age, customers feel omniscient and omnipotent, but also needy and insecure. This affords retailers opportunities, say Stephan Grünewald and Sebastian Buggert from the rheingold Institute in Cologne. A talk on fears of the future, circus tents, the monotony of the treadmill, and why everyone should not simply delegate their business to Amazon.
Shades of Trust - The Consumer Goods Forum New York 2015
Shades of Trust
Why do consumers trust each other? How does disruptive innovation capitalise on the deceptively simple question "who can I trust?" The NY Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum explored these issues through insights from some of industry's foremost innovators, analysing 'growth champions' reaping the rewards of hitting the bullseye in meeting their customers' needs. Stephan Grünewald, Managing Partner of the rheingold institut, was one of the speakers on the Global Summit in New York, his theme: „Shades of Trust: How to build trust by appealing to consumers' souls?“.
Watch In or watch Out
Watch In or watch Out
The Apple Watch TV commercials smooth its way into the flow of our everyday lives. Wearables are seen as the inevitable next step of technological development both in Germany and the USA, yet consumers watch out for what kind of future this entails.
Next Generation
Next Generation
Although they are only between 20 and 29 years old and thus naturally familiar with the digital world, twenty-somethings feel much older than teenagers with regard to handling digital offerings. They are already at a stage of satiety and stagnation. They are much more critical of innovations. They are increasingly scrutinising innovations for their relevance to everyday life.
Brands and Digital Apps
Brands and Digital Apps
Today brands are facing structural problems. In the analog world, their task was to make the customer king. The brands got their added value from customers’ longing for security, orientation, inspiration, and personal growth. They were indispensable for customers because they fulfilled customers’ secret wishes to resolve their inner conflicts or, as a kind of etiquette manual, showed customers how to use and present products in everyday life.
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