International networks

The cross cultural approach

- Research is carried out by international teams composed of rheingold project managers, rheingold moderators and researchers from the country in question.
- In every country, rheingold staff are present on site and actively participate in research, maintain an intense dialogue with local partners and ensure that methods remain consistent.
- As lead agency, rheingold is responsible for conducting the integrative and culturally comparative aspects of research.

By combining rheingold’s trans-regional perspective with local perspectives, rheingold project staff on location are able to prevent “blind spots” from occurring and reveal cultural differences and similarities.

Our partners for cross-cultural research comprise local partners and bi-national interview teams.

Wherever we work, we always collaborate with independent partners who specialise in qualitative research.

rheingold’s trained moderators and interviewers are bilingual specialists with bi-national backgrounds. They act as “cultural interpreters” and ensure the continuity of rheingold’s methodology.

An example of depth psychological insights into other cultures:

In Asia women choose a brand of cleaning agent on the basis of the brand’s symbolic value — the brand has come to be associated with emancipated female roles. As such, it represents a view of women that is less strongly associated with traditional household chores and one which provides more room for careers and personal interests. Looked at psychologically, this brand of cleaning agent functions as an ally. Used in the kitchen or bathroom it encourages women and represents a subtle demonstration in the face of the husband.

Consequently, when brand advertising depicts women in ‘culturally conformist’ roles, audiences are disappointed.
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