A new slant on employer branding

The human factor

Why are the best employees always the first to hand in their notice? How attractive is your company to new recruits? And what do your staff really think about you as an employer?

The bond between a company and its employees, the company's image in attracting new workers and the overall impression of the company as an employer are increasingly moving into the focus of interest. In times of increasing skills shortages the human factor for companies is, more than ever, a guarantee for future success.

Faced with a growing skills shortage, companies that want to attract the best talent are increasingly emphasising the human factor in employer-employee relations. The invisible bond between an employee and the company he or she works for, how new talent sees the company and its image as an employer, all play a role in this.

If they are to remain successful, companies will not only have to attract and retain highly-qualified staff but also project an appealing image to potential new recruits. To this end, the rheingold institute has embarked on a radical new path in conjunction with the Dusseldorf-based advertising agency Castenow. Using a combination of depth-psychological analysis and strategic consultation, rheingold is now capable of delivering a new approach to analysing and improving the company's image and its attractiveness to potential new employees.

Depth-psychological research provides the best method of improving a company’s understanding of why people do or do not trust them, whether they are speaking the kind of language to attract up-and-coming talent and whether their human resources departments are sending out the right signals. Undoubtedly the best way to do this is to team up with experienced partners that are capable of delivering depth-psychological analysis, communication and strategic advice that is specifically tailored to your sector. rheingold and Castenow provide the ideal combination of partners for successful employer branding.
Ultimately corporate brands seek employees that feel a close bond to their employer and, as a result, are committed, less pay sensitive and, above all, recommend the company to others. Initially psychological analysis involves uncovering the true, mostly hidden, motivations, emotional bonds and other factors that impact the image of the company amongst its employees. Using depth-psychological interviews, researchers identify and analyse the company’s strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of existing and potential employees.

In a joint analysis, rheingold psychologists and Castenow communication experts then investigate what measures are required to improve the company's image and its attractiveness as an employer. Having long possessed a dedicated unit, Castenow has a proven track record in employer branding and has provided consultancy services to the likes of McDonald’s, REWE, TARGOBANK, DIS AG and Media-Saturn.

To analyse the potential and positioning of employer brands, Castenow has developed Balanced Branding ©, an innovative motivationally-based positioning model that is not only capable of identifying subconscious motives in career and life planning but can also provide the specifics to unique and individual positioning for employer brands. Using this model, Castenow develops efficient image campaigns and innovative recruiting tools.

Employer branding that exclusively focuses on trendy opportunistic platitudes involving “work-life balance” and “team spirit” and employs implausible visual imagery depicting grinning “real-life” employees is not only very costly but also completely fails to provide the employer with a credible profile. Indeed, the kind of authenticity and honesty that employer branding rightly demands is only achievable by asking the right questions and getting as close to the truth as possible. The new combination of depth-psychological research and strategic-communicative expertise is ideally suited to achieve this.
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