Grow, grow, grow

Side by side from day one

In most cases, clients consult market research firms after they’ve already launched a product, campaign or publication to find out what worked and what did not. We at rheingold ideally like to work with you from the very beginning to make your launch a success.

We access relevance and market conditions, accompany you through the idea and concept phase and make sure you have a solid psychological foundation before you launch. That way, we ease the launch process and your mind.
Product Developement
How do you know if a product is right or not? Depending on the market, product type or more specifically brand or media offering, rheingold can determine exactly how a product should ‘look’ and which are the right measures and concepts to communicate it with.
Market Segmentation
Interested in segmenting, but you don’t know how? Morphological market and media research is playing an increasingly important role in market segmentation. We use our qualitative approach to reveal the psychological factors that characterise markets.
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