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rheingold has been conducting international research in its capacity as a ‘lead agency’ for years. Currently international business accounts for 25-30% of our business.

We see the ultimate goal of international research as managing the heterogeneity of international markets:

- How much heterogeneity and standardisation is possible?
- How much heterogeneity and respect for national / regional conditions is necessary?

Research maxims

In order to ensure that tailored qualitative research delivers added value, we conduct our research according to the following maxims:

- Pursue a consistent approach to the peculiarities of each market (internet usage in China, for example, is subject to its “own laws” just as Hungarian coffee-drinking habits are).
- Supplement “internals views” of a market from a cultural psychological perspective - direct intercultural exchange
- Comparable results thanks to a consistent methodology and collaborating project management
Cross Culture Approach
By combining rheingold’s trans-regional perspective with local perspectives, rheingold project staff on location are able to prevent “blind spots” from occurring and reveal cultural differences and similarities.
Research worldwide
How do I sell coffee in Hungary or pain relievers in Brazil? An ongoing challenge for marketing research is how to deal with the many differences between international and even national markets. In order to gather in-depth psychological, yet culturally unique insights, it is important to find an effective balance between research process standardisation and methodological flexibility.
Understanding Uncle Sam
Our San Francisco branch has commenced operations since January 2010. San Francisco is renowned as the city of gold prospectors, hippies, flower power and multi-culturalism. It is also iconic of the modern, open-minded and continually evolving America, whilst the leading role it has played in the green economy and Silicon Valley’s high-tech industries make the Golden Gate City a national trendsetter.
Our team of "prospectors"
Our ‘prospector’ in San Francisco is Patricia Sauerbrey Colton, Partner rheingold USA. Patricia, who has an MSc in Psychology and is qualified in morphological market and media research, embodies our “cross-cultural approach”: She’s been at rheingold since 2008 and has lived in the USA since 2005.
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