The heart of our research methodology

The rheingoldInterview

The rheingold interview goes far deeper than standard depth interviews. Through two-hour explorative interview sessions our psychologists indentify unconscious mental factors that determine the behaviour of consumers ... with often surprising results.

Rheingold interviews look behind the scenes and probe the respondents’ mental realities. These morphologically-based depth interviews represent a research instrument capable of revealing every aspect of consumer and audience behaviour in terms of how they perceive, interpret and act.

Within the context of individual or group explorations, depth interviews probe the unconscious mental realities that determine consumer and audience behaviour. The interviewee is encouraged to describe in their own words everything that occurs to them in connection with the issue. The interview thus represents a joint quest through which buried or otherwise unconsciously perceived behavioural contexts are brought to the surface and exposed.
The morphological depth interview represents a key methodological tool at rheingold because it relates consistently to mental phenomena and does not limit insight collection to predefined questions and categories. Yet at the same time, our morphological interviews are guided by our clients’ research questions. We make sure that all relevant topics are touched on and explored by following explicit rules that are underpinned by our expertise and theoretical background.

A unique component used during the process of analysing in-depth interviews is the psychological description. Through elaborate descriptions by the interviewers, insights that have already been collected are re-explored with the aim of revealing the phenomena’s underlying psychological structure in detail. Throughout the further analytical steps, relationships and connections get uncovered and explained and consolidated in the final report.
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