Sympathy 100% - Success 0%?

Communication analysis

There have been numerous advertising campaigns that most people knew and liked but which completely failed to deliver the goods in terms of sales. On occasion these have been studied retrospectively using depth psychology only to find out that the campaigns have sparked unconscious fears, aversions or similar.

These were the reasons why they did not work even though these campaigns sometimes became quite popular. Don’t fall into this trap. Find out whether your campaign works before launching it. At Rheingold, we research all kinds of creative material from television advertising, through print ads and packaging designs.

- Analyse the impact, understanding and processing of advertising
- Evaluate advertising and advertising concepts
- Assess copy strategies and verbal concepts
- Provide psychological assessment of product attributes and packaging
- Impact and success: direct marketing, below-the-line
- Qualitative sponsoring research - point-of-sale analysis 

Direct-Marketing, Below-the-line
Advertising through the back door! Below-the-line marketing does without traditional forms of advertising such as print ads or television commercials. Below-the-line activities usually include the use of promotion teams, point-of-sale (POS) campaigns, competitions, customer correspondence or other promotional activities.
Analysing advertising communication
People want ads! But which ones? Led by theory, qualitative advertising research delivers findings across a mix of categories. It takes in rational and emotional aspects; takes spontaneous reactions seriously (Cover Story) and provides assistance by providing extensive structural analysis of initial reactions.
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