Morphological market and media research

A qualification in four semesters

Since 1994, the rheingold akademy (formerly known as “kamm“) has offered a training program (which can also be completed in-service) in Morphological Market and Media Research.

The program takes place over four semesters and contains the following modules:

 • Psychology
 • Business Administration / Marketing
 • Social Sciences
 • Advertising / Communications
 • Media Studies

The program is aimed at graduates who want to pursue a career in market research, marketing / communications or the media.

The in-service program is aimed at people who work in:

 • Marketing / Media Research
 • Media
 • Market Research / Media Research

And who are interested in gaining an additional qualification in psychological research.

This short course provides practical and scientifically-based training in morphological market and media research.

In order to ensure high teaching standards, the course is limited to 15 persons.The program offers the opportunity to complete an internship of several weeks at the rheingold Institute.

Upon completion of the training program, employment at the rheingold Institute is also possible.

What is more, obtaining a certificate in “Morphological Market and Media Research” provides the opportunity for career opportunities across numerous organisations and agencies, and well as the media.

Given the wide range of topics and issues that market and media research involves, this career path offers alternatives to traditional careers for psychologists such as therapy, diagnosis or counselling.

For more information about the Academy and the short course, please contact our Academy Director Dr. Wolfram Domke,
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