Diving into cultures

Cultural research

How do the youth of today differ from the youth of the 90s? What are these Generations X, Y and the Millennials all about? How are different cultures dealing with times of crises? What explains the lack of orientation experienced by entire generations? What do people think about politics and local cultural developments and how do they see the future? What makes a hip new idea a trend?

Every year rheingold puts thousands of consumers on the couch and discusses a whole range of topics with them. Not just products, brands, markets and communications. We continually analyse the state of nations using morphological research. This context is needed to understand how products and brands are embedded in this cultural dynamics.
Trend analysis
When is a trend a trend? Or just a fad? Trends are different from and much more enduring than fads. They are based on a deeper social relevance – “values”.
Exploring national and regional mentalities
How regionally do products need to be marketed? Regional characteristics can have a huge influence on consumer behaviour. Mentalities are more than just cultural baggage, instead they play a decisive role in shaping consumer behaviour.
Children are tomorrow‘s consumers
Children are not small adults. Children and young people often reveal amazing insights and make up a very special clientele. Morphological research aims to analyse the motivations and decision-making processeswithin these different lifestyles.
Cross Culture Approach
By combining rheingold’s trans-regional perspective with local perspectives, rheingold project staff on location are able to prevent “blind spots” from occurring and reveal cultural differences and similarities.
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