Revealing the unconscious triggers and barriers of consumer behaviour

Gaining access to your target audience...

In the 25 years we’ve been in business, we’ve had plenty of time to optimise our services so that we are able to analyse and interpret drivers of markets, brands, products and trends as well as consumer behaviour, values and hierarchies. We also know how to adapt our services to the needs of our customers.

To achieve this, we developed our own tools and specific techniques. Our strongest asset is our ability to identify and understand unconscious influences on behaviours and attitudes. We translate these insights into strategically relevant actionable strategies.
We also provide companies with support during strategic planning, moderate workshops, and act as sparring partners in creative processes and when developing positioning scenarios.
Morphological approach
A unique strength of the morphological approach is that it provides room for flexible hypotheses to be tested based on a strong foundation in the understanding of the human psyche. Therefore, the often contradictory phenomena we are confronted with when we deal with markets and media can be understood in their deeper meaning.
From insight to strategy
Markets have never moved as fast as they do today. This is a direct consequence of globalisation and the Internet. In some sectors things are changing so quickly that it is proving difficult to keep up with frequently shifting patterns and trends, and to respond to and benefit from altering conditions within the market place.
Brand meaning and orientation

Analysing the brand core

Rapidly changing market conditions really put the pressure on brands. In this environment, brands not only need to be robust enough to cope with the huge demands being put on them but also be able to convey sufficient strength, clarity and differentiation to withstand the permanent onslaught from competitors. Analysing a brand’s ability to do this requires more than the assessment of simple parameters such as brand awareness and willingness to buy however.

Brands are such complex, finely balanced entities that understanding them requires intensive study. This also applies to how brands will fare during the next crisis in which it won’t be size but mental, social, emotional strength and adaptability that will determine success.
We support strategic processes for sustainable success

It starts with the strategy...

If the world consisted purely of strong brands, outstanding products, targeted positioning strategies, unique identities and effective communication, we wouldn’t be the only ones with less to do. But thankfully, that’s not the case.
Sympathy 100% - Success 0%?

Communication analysis

There have been numerous advertising campaigns that most people knew and liked but which completely failed to deliver the goods in terms of sales. On occasion these have been studied retrospectively using depth psychology only to find out that the campaigns have sparked unconscious fears, aversions or similar issues.
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