For the sake of the insight

Revealing the treasures of the unconscious

A unique strength of the morphological approach is that it provides room for flexible hypotheses to be tested based on a strong foundation in the understanding of the human psyche. Therefore, the often contradictory phenomena we are confronted with when we deal with markets and media can be understood in their deeper meaning.

The research concepts of morphological market and media psychology are consistently based on an in-depth psychological theory of mental processes. Based on this theory, a number of specific concepts have been developed that allow us to explore market and media related issues both scientifically as well as when it comes to the actionable insights and recommendations for our clients.

The psycho-logics of consumer loyalty

Consumer loyalty takes a whole new turn when considering the market dynamics that shape the relationship between consumers and their brands. Psychologically, we differentiate between six different loyalty continents in the worlds of consumers.
Analysing a brand`s personality
Brands, like people, have personalities. We at rheingold work with the techniques of morphological market and media research to explore companies’ and brands’ personalities and images. We do this by analysing the psychological associations and context in which consumers experience products and brands. With this information, we are able to provide detailed recommendations for positioning and advertising strategies as well as for product launches, packaging, and product design.
Customer satisfaction
Most companies consider customer satisfaction a top priority. However, a happy repeat purchaser is not necessarily a completely satisfied customer. We as humans are constantly unsatisfied; we always want something more. Indeed, it is our endless search for satisfaction that actually fuels our need for products and media.
Trends: The world of tomorrow
Palpable trends provide a tiny insight into the world of tomorrow. They reveal to us how desires, values and ideas evolve and provide an idea of how behaviour, decision-making processes and consumer attitudes might alter.
Children are tomorrows consumers
Children are not simply small adults. Accordingly, they cannot be approached the same way. We offer techniques to reveal the amazing insights that can be gathered through in-depth psychological research with children. We help them express what they might not be able to express as easily in words through creative techniques, associations and play.
Regional characteristics
How regionally do products need to be marketed? Regional characteristics can have a huge influence on consumer behaviour. Mentalities are more than just cultural baggage, instead they play a decisive role in shaping consumer behaviour.
Sponsoring Research
Does sponsorship resolve personality problems? Sponsoring is more than just another form of advertising. Sponsoring shows companies in a different light – in the light of who they are sponsoring. At its core, sponsorship is about illuminating aspects of a company’s corporate identity and interests that normally remain out of sight.
International Research
How do I sell coffee in Hungary or pain relievers in Brazil? An ongoing challenge for marketing research is how to deal with the many differences between international and even national markets. In order to gather in-depth psychological, yet culturally unique insights, it is important to find an effective balance between research process standardisation and methodological flexibility.
Looking ahead...
When is a trend a trend? Or just a fad? Trends are different from and much more enduring than fads. They are based on a deeper social relevance – “values”.
Crisis monitoring
Rheingold developed a service specifically for crisis situations that allows you to check in at short intervals on what your customers are thinking and feeling. Equipped with this information, you will know how to communicate in a way that’s appropriate to the situation. This will allow you to keep in touch with your target group even in this challenging context.
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