Understanding and managing markets

From insight to strategy

Markets have never moved as fast as they do today. This is a direct consequence of globalisation and the Internet. In some sectors things are changing so quickly that it is proving difficult to keep up with frequently shifting patterns and trends, and to respond to and benefit from altering conditions within the market place. Indeed, given their inertia, some corporations meet these trends with delayed action, catching them just as it’s already a little too late.

To add to these changes, consumers are taking more and more control of the market. While this trend can be challenging, it also creates a massive opportunity to those who are quick to react and adapt. Rheingold has experience dealing with these changes, and provides a strong support in these situations for decisions on market-related strategies. Our goal: To create transparency in the structure, dynamics and evolution of markets, media, products, brands and advertising; to track and identify their secret logic, operating principles and mechanisms of action. With our wealth of experience and knowledge we are able to guide you through this new globalized environment.

The psychological factor

Today’s markets have grown increasingly complex and are developing faster than ever. Consumers are often hard to predict and guided by sometimes contradictory motives. Their behaviour is strongly determined by psychological factors. Accordingly, it is important to deeply analyse these factors and understand the underlying market drivers to ultimately affect sales and growth.

From diagnosis to prognosis

To assist marketing, rheingold employs innovative and creative methods that are beyond the scope of traditional market research. We shed light on the unconscious aspects of consumer behaviour. We uncover the behaviourally relevant contexts and factors behind pure market data. Based on this foundation, we create the conditions for accurate empirically-based predictions and efficient market interventions.
Segmenting marktes
Interested in segmenting, but you don’t know how? Morphological market and media research is playing an increasingly important role in market segmentation. We use our qualitative approach to reveal the psychological factors that characterise markets.
Market analysis
You certainly understand the competitors, customers and suppliers that define your market. Our objective is to understand the whole picture and the complex interplay of the factors. There are still “unconscious” relationships that impact participants and which influences-conscious and unconscious-determine how the market works.

Consumer behaviour has changed

Psychological target group and style rules

Target groups have had their day! In recent years, market research has revealed that consumer behaviour has changed to the point that defining target groups according to socio-demographic characteristics is no longer of benefit to marketing strategy.
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