On the tracks of the hidden meaning of markets, brands and advertising

Our market research methods

Using depth psychological methods and concepts from morphological market and media research, we create transparency in the structures, dynamics and development of open markets and open up creative and innovative pathways for marketing.

The psychological factor

Today’s markets have become more complex and are developing at ever faster rates. Consumers are revealing themselves to be creatures that are hard to predict and whose behaviour is largely determined by psychological factors. For these reasons more than ever before, strong sales and growth require a defined set of strategic skills and a deep understanding of the market.

Knowledge is power

rheingold provides a robust basis for decision making on market-related strategies. To create transparency in the structure, dynamics and evolution of markets, media, products, brands and advertising; to track and identify their secret logic, operating principles and mechanisms of action. How? By applying the depth psychological methods and concepts used in morphological market and media research. Dry scientific and pure-data models, by comparison, only tell half the story by failing to tap into the lifeblood of consumers.
From diagnosis to prognosis

For marketing, rheingold reveals innovative and creative methods that are beyond the scope of traditional market research. We shed light on the unconscious aspects of consumer behaviour. We uncover the behaviourally relevant contexts and factors behind pure market data. Thus, we create the conditions for accurate empirically based predictions and efficient intervention in the markets.

From insight to strategy

We don’t provide raw data or simply describe market conditions. On the contrary, we provide the key meanings, structures and facts that lay behind successful strategies in the form of psychologically robust character studies of your products and vivid explanations for their chances for success or failure. That’s because only creative marketing strategies that are individually and precisely tailored to the needs of specific sectors lead to success.
rheingold interview
rheingold interview
The rheingold interview goes far deeper than standard depth interviews.Through two-hour explorative interview sessions our psychologists indentify unconscious mental factors that determine the behaviour of consumers ... with often surprising results.
rheingold groups
rheingold groups are not about voicing opinions. On the contrary, they represent a way of expressing conscious and unconscious dimensions of meaning that are closely linked to markets, brands and advertising. The group’s atmosphere, its flow as well as the dynamics of the conversation (sometimes even its drama) as well as specific group phenomena reflect the secret logic and the rules of the market.
Regardless of whether it’s guerrilla research, mystery shopping, shadowing or site and situational observation, ethnographic tools are playing an ever increasing role in market research. Consumers need to be accompanied where they consume and use products and services.
We’ve got the answers to all your questions on marketing, brands, products or advertising and media. But, of course, these depend on the specifics of the question itself. That’s why we specifically tailor our scientifically robust methods and tools to your individual requirements. We don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions.
We call it "Verfassungsmarketing"

Psychological states of mind

We all behave differently when we are sitting at our desk, go shopping at the grocery store or are attending a religious service. These contexts change our psychological “Verfassung”, or state of mind. It is important to examine these contexts in order to better understand your target groups.
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