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Morphological research is exciting

Every object and aspect of our everyday lives possesses its own psychological secret. At rheingold we employ a special methodology to systematically determine what these secrets are.

The rheingold academy is dedicated to training researchers to use depth-psychological methodologies. The successor to the Cologne Academy of Market and Media Research, rheingold Institute works in collaboration with the University of Cologne to provide practical training in market and media psychology.
The rheingold Academy

Training in Psychological Morphology

Psychological Morphology is a theory that was developed at the University of Cologne’s Institute of Psychology by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Salber. It’s a concept that employs qualitative methods such as depth interviews and reconstructive description. The object of morphological research is to analyse the unconscious perspectives, motivations and decision-making processes that determine how consumers interact with consumer products and media services.
To study at the academy
To study at the academy
Since 1994, the rheingold akademie (formerly known as “kamm“) has offered a training programme (which can also be completed in-service) in Morphological Market and Media Research.The program takes place over four semesters.
Head of the Academy
Course tutors come from the rheingold Institute and other Morphological Market and Media Research institutions as well as University of Cologne’s Institute of Psychology. What is more, in order to provide insight into a working environment within radio and television stations and advertising agencies, lectures and workshops are provided by speakers from external companies and businesses.
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