A new chapter in rheingold history

Our San Francisco branch has commenced operations since January 2010.

San Francisco is renowned as the city of gold prospectors, hippies, flower power and multi-culturalism. It is also iconic of the modern, open-minded and continually evolving America, whilst the leading role it has played in the green economy and Silicon Valley’s high-tech industries make the Golden Gate City a national trendsetter.

San Francisco was always a special city, its ‘live and let live’ attitude making it so liveable and appealing.
The city began its unique story as a disembarkation point for fortune seekers in the California Gold Rush of 1848, the colourful mix of peoples it absorbed making it into the liberal society it remains to this day.

This makes San Francisco the ideal U.S. location for rheingold and for firmly establishing rheingold’s unique morphological approach to international qualitative psychological research.

“German engineering” in the USA

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