You can’t innovate successfully without a reliable strategy

Accompanying you trough strategic processes

If the world consisted purely of strong brands, outstanding products, targeted positioning strategies, unique identities and effective communication, we wouldn’t be the only ones with less to do. But thankfully, that’s not the case.

However, exactly these elements make a company strong - especially when they are not considered independently, but rather within the holistic context of social trends, consumer research and typologies. And that’s exactly where we come in. We’ll show you exactly where your company stands, what niches you can successfully own and how your target groups react or will react to your products. We uncover the hidden values and potentials that, combined with our 25-year track record in research and brand consultancy deliver very clear and achievable solutions for our clients.
Product diversification is often a delicate process. The risk of introducing new products or line extensions in addition to the established brand is often underestimated. Products end up being launched that exhibit poor or non-existent sales.
Lucrative niches and strong USPs are getting harder to find and occupy. Companies are entering markets internationally with innovative products that are very quickly followed up with copy-cat products. Likewise, demand for generic products seems to be saturated and manufacturers have long since said goodbye to the idea of marketing truly unique products.
How to change your brand

Brand Change Management

In today’s rapidly changing markets, processes such as brand consolidations and mergers are very much on the agenda. This is often associated with how individual brands are evaluated, particularly in terms of their ability to impact target markets and gel with audiences. What follows is the change process itself, developing a change strategy and the resulting communication measures targeted towards the consumers and markets.
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