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We’ve got the answers to all your questions on marketing, brands, products or advertising and media. But, of course, these depend on the specifics of the question itself. That’s why we specifically tailor our scientifically robust methods and tools to your individual requirements. We don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions.

Indeed, where our products are concerned, we don’t believe there can be a substitute for professional and personally guided dialogue. It is the only way of providing a research setting that is perfectly designed to meet your needs.

rheingold – efficiency through depth.

Regardless of whether you need information quickly to make a decision or want to know why advertising works. Online or in workshops, our tools are always based on the morphological psychological techniques. No matter which tool you choose - we provide intensive and science-based analyses.
The fast-paced world of modern business often demands that decisions are made quickly to drive marketing, creation and development.
In rheingoldLabs marketing, market research and R & D meet consumers head on. In an innovative one to two day-long process, we alternate empirical phases with rheingoldInterviews and rheingoldGroups, and employ team modules to deepen insights and generate hypotheses.
Have you ever wondered why some advertising works and some does not? rheingoldTuner tells you why! rheingoldTuner goes a lot deeper than traditional advertising effectiveness tests. The first qualitative instrument of its kind, the Tuner elicits the different degrees of advertising impact. Advertising always communicates a consciously perceptible Cover Story and an unconsciously perceptible Impact Story, which ultimately controls shopping behaviour.
Online methods provide benefits for qualitative research. Dubbed rheingoldBaseLog and rheingoldDiary, rheingold has developed a small range of online tools that meet our strict quality criterion. Indeed, where a clear approach to research and high standards of analysis are safeguarded, online methods can provide a useful addition to qualitative research.
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