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Have you ever wondered why some advertising works and some does not? rheingoldTuner tells you why!

rheingoldTuner goes a lot deeper than traditional advertising effectiveness tests. The first qualitative instrument of its kind, the Tuner elicits the different degrees of advertising impact. Advertising always communicates a consciously perceptible Cover Story and an unconsciously perceptible Impact Story, which ultimately controls shopping behaviour.

rheingold messageTuner:
The messageTuner sheds light on how a TVC, advert or concept is actually understood. The insights it delivers extend beyond the rational statements consumers make about liking or not liking something and instead looks at advertising in terms of what consumers actually understand, what implicit brand messages it conveys and what impact it has on purchase decision making.

The Message Tuning Concept® is a research tool that assesses the effectiveness of advertising. It achieves this by evaluating advertising against a model of effective advertising. In doing so, it does not - as is usually the case – reveal how the advertising is responded to or judged after it’s seen but instead examines the advertising’s impact during the process of reception.

rheingold programTuner:
The rheingoldprogramTuner tests TV and film formats beyond the confines of standard format tests. In addition to answering strategic questions about channel fit, timeslots and cultural relevance, it examines how the format’s psychological drama and thus its ability to bind viewers can be improved. The concept of media impacts enables the qualitative analysis of the impact of audio visual and print media. Against the background of listeners’ or readers’ everyday mind states, the characteristic manifestations of different types of media are analysed along with the drivers to usage. Amongst other things, media analysis provides the basis for program development and strategic planning.

rheingold imageTuner:
Successful brands succeed in the face of the competition because they solve problems in the daily lives of consumers and act as agents helping to fulfil unconscious desires. The rheingoldimageTuner examines the deeper meaning that a brand conveys. It describes the brand’s special position within the competitive environment and reveals strategic routes with which to unfold or optimize the brand’s potential for development and diversification.

rheingold productTuner:
By looking at a product’s different impacts it is possible to research the complex structure of usage motivations as they pertain to products and brands in their everyday contexts. This concept enables the creation of motivational structures and consumer typologies in relation to products and product categories. Product-tuner analyses provide the basis for brand positioning, market trends as well motivationally and customer targeted approaches.

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