Creating effective advertising

In the current media landscape it is becoming increasingly priceless to reach a wide public. The CPMs are swallowing advertising millions like black holes. Only few people can still afford penetration of advertising messages in the classical style. But there are also examples of how enormous success can be achieved with relatively low advertising expenditure: if a commercial communicates the relevant usage motives in the “pictorial language” of consumers and effectively differentiates the brand from the competition, one advertising contact is often enough to convince a consumer. An example: with one single campaign and net spending of 2.5 million deutschmarks, Reckitt & Colman managed to increase sales of Sagrotan towelettes in the advertising period by around 50 percent, and sales of the overall brand by 20 percent.

On the basis of a qualitative impact analysis of the usage motives and the brand conducted by rheingold, marketing was able to provide the agency with a very ‘pictorial’ briefing. Subsequently the creative people developed concepts that rheingold tested using the Message Tuning Concept and optimized comprehensively. The TV campaign developed from the concept achieved the success described above.

To be sure, the brand image, product, source of business, and media plan also play an important role. Longtime rheingold clients have had the experience that qualitative pretests are the most effective way of developing suitable communication. And the communication is often persuasive after only one advertising contact.

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