Discovering the hidden meanings of markets, brands and advertising


Using depth psychological methods and the concepts of morphological market and media research , rheingold casts a light on the structures, the dynamics and developments of different markets and open up new and creative ways for marketing.

The psychological factor

Todays markets have become more complex and their development dynamics are steadily accelerating. The consumer turns out to be an unpredictable being, his behavior largely determined by psychological factors. To grow and succeed on todays markets the understanding of the market has to be deepened and the strategic skills of marketing are more important than ever.

Knowledge is power

rheingold provides a clear basis for decisions on market-relevant strategies. We aim at making transparent the structures, dynamics and developments of different markets and media, of products, brands and means of advertising. We track their secret logic, the rules and mechanisms that make them work. How? By employing depth psychological methods and the concepts of morphological market and media research.
For dry scientific models or bare statistical figures simply fail to grasp everyday consumer behavior.

From diagnosis to prognosis

We open up new and creative ways for marketing far from traditional market research. We explore the unconscious sides of consumer behavior, uncovering those relevant psychological influences and relations on the consumers mind that lie behind the bare market data. Thus, we build the empirical foundation for exact prognoses and efficient marketing measures.

From meanings to strategies

Vast amounts of naked figures of mere descriptions of the status quo are not what we aim at. We uncover fundamental structures of meaning and the necessary facts to develop successful strategies - analyzing your products character on psychological grounds and finding clear explanations for successes and failures on the market. Marketing can only be successful it is both creative and tailor-made to fit a particular section of the market.

Psychological depth interviews uncover subconscious influences

In a steadily deepening and intensifying process of description, the psychologist elicits and reveals hidden meanings and connotations.

Depth psychological methods

What simple surveys call the consumers opinion is in fact the final product of a sophisticated and partly unconscious psychological process. People are reluctant to admit what really motivates them, what makes them tick whenever they read or drink beer, clean the house or smoke a cigarette.

It requires sensitive instruments to understand and penetrate the consumers reality and the factors which govern his behavior. For the consumer has blind spots, he cannot get complete picture of all the particular motives that determine his decisions. He knows what he is doing, but does not know why he does it.

The instruments employed must therefore reach sufficiently deep to answer the questions given. On the other hand, they must lead to pragmatical solutions by identifying the relevant parameters.

Questionnaires or fixed and guidelined interviews often lack the necessary depth. They reduce the relevant phenomena to questions and categories given a priori, confirming or rejecting what has already been known and decided beforehand.

Psychological depth interviews

The psychological depth interview combines profound exploration and pragmatical research. Through individual and group explorations of two hours each, the psychological staff of rheingold uncovers the emotional effects and influences that determine consumer behavior, but are often kept unconscious. The consumer is encouraged to describe in his own words everything that comes to his mind in connection with the subject. For two hours the interviewer and the consumer go on a scientific journey together. In a process of description steadily deepening and intensifying, all the meanings and implications buried or not consciously perceived are laid open.
Thus , new and surprising turns and aspects of the subject are revealed and systematically explored with regard to their influence on the consumers behavior.

Our studies are not based upon gigantic samples. We deliver depth analysis on scientific grounds based on small but relevant samples. We conduct as many psychological depth interviews as necessary to explore all relevant motive complexes and influential factors.

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