Focus groups - Conducted by qualified personnel, focus groups make the psycho-logic of markets and brands transparent.

Focus groups are an integral component of qualitative market research. However, they still have a reputation of being deficient instruments, viewed as an economic "mini-plebiscite."

The rheingold institutes focus groups achieve more. They make it possible to map psychological market structures. They can do so because they are based not only on a discussion guide, but also on a depth-psychological research concept. All the verbal and non-verbal statements made in the group are viewed as a reflection of the market in question. In the "psychodrama" of the group dynamics, the secret psycho-logic of markets and brands becomes transparent. The context of the group is more important than the text for understanding the questions being addressed in the research. The group dynamics constitutes the framework for understanding the verbal statements.

Concept-derived depth-psychological focus groups required especially qualified moderators. Thus, rheingolds moderators are all psychology graduates who have been trained by the institute. The moderators participate in the subsequent process of analysis so that as detailed an image as possible can be obtained concerning the group activity. For only in an elaborate process of analysis can the potential for gaining knowledge from the group be completely exploited.

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