Future Woman

Future woman should consider herself lucky. For women aged 25 to 35 have all kinds of possibilities open to them. But below the surface, things are different. In todays world, women feel obligated to liberate themselves from "traditional roles." But they have to be superwomen if they intend to fulfill all the demands placed on them. Top on the job, the perfect mother and housewife, sexy and clever all at the same time. Women are constantly confronted with these requirements. And they feel a compulsion to be perfect in all of these roles. Young women are desperately looking for ways of achieving this difficult feat.

A joint study conducted by BBDO Düsseldorf and rheingold examined how young women cope with these requirements and the personal solutions they find.

Young women have developed a strategy to free themselves from the many requirements and the compulsion to be perfect. They leave all options open for as long as possible. They keep putting off career moves, though this is a top priority. And they retain a kind of girlishness well into adulthood.

Such girlishness is apparent on different levels: in their experience, in their outer appearance, in the look of their apartments, in the way they perform their jobs. Viewed psychologically, such cultivated girlishness constitutes a refusal to become an adult, which is particularly apparent in the "girlie" movement of recent years. Strong on the outside, but fragile and girlish on the inside. In short, not grown up.

Future woman expects advertising to provide her with concrete suggestions for solving her problems. She seeks clear orientation aid, but at the same time doesnt want to do without variety.

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