New Study “Youth Today”: Young People Demand Clearer Statements from Adults and the Media

Young people in Germany are insecure. In a world characterized by consumption and artificiality, they are searching for orientation and positive values. In this quest, they seek more information and support from adults and the media. These are the most important findings of the study “Youth Today – Between a Product Paradise and Future Fears” which was presented today in Hamburg. The study, commissioned by Axel Springer Mediahouse in Munich, was carried out by bestselling author Stephan Grünewald, a managing partner of the distinguished rheingold Institute.


The study comes to the conclusion that the tolerant goods paradise Germany offers young people little orientation and models and many young people don’t know what they should advocate or rebel against. As a result, says Grünewald, communication with young people has to be rethought quickly. Through concrete tasks and perspectives, teenagers have to get the feeling that they are needed. For their part, adults and the media should provide more unadorned information and take clear positions to give teenagers a chance to engage in dialog. Young people have to be challenged. In addition, adults and the media have to convey that developments and progress do not run smoothly, but are only possible in the face of resistance, setbacks, and defeats.

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