Markets from the perspective of children

Children are in demand as a target group for marketing. The problem, however, is that they cannot answer questions in adult language. Children have a different “means of expression.” The latter manifests itself above all in play. Modern market research, however, is geared to the “needs” of adults. It normally tries to investigate the increasingly interesting children’s target group using the same methods. rheingold takes a different path with “Kid Sight.” “Kid Sight” is technique of analyzing children’s views that the institute has developed based on year’ of know-how.

Children not only express their “opinion” differently, they have their own, different opinion. It is harder to predict what this “opinion” will be in advance in marketing than in other areas. Moreover, children’s view of the world cannot be grasped solely using verbal methods of exploration. Depth-psychological explorations using the Kid Sight method therefore take place in the form of playgroups. For rheingold, only university psychology graduates with years of training conduct and analyze the groups. This ensures that the research work not only adheres to ESOMAR guidelines, but also meets ethical educational requirements.

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