Modern Women

Todays young women have high expectations of themselves. They want to have successful careers, be perfect mothers and housewives, be sexy and clever all at the same time. They "desperately" try to find ways of meeting all these requirements, of fulfilling all these roles perfectly.

In a joint study with BBDO Düsseldorf, rheingold investigated how young women come to grips with these expectations and the various solutions they find.

Modern women have developed a strategy for not having to succumb to the compulsion to do everything perfectly. They try to leave all options open and to have as few future commitments as possible. Career moves and having babies, though high on the priority list, are put off again and again. Well into adulthood, young woman retain a kind of girlishness.

This girlishness is apparent on many different levels: in the womens experience and outer appearance, in the way they style their apartments and shape their careers. Viewed psychologically, this kind of cultivated girlishness constitutes a refusal to grow up, which is especially evident in the girlie movement of recent years: strong on the outside, but at the same time small and girlish, not mature adults.

Todays young women expect advertising to provide them with concrete suggestions of how to solve their problems. They want clear orientation models, yet at the same time they want to continue to be diverse.

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