Sponsoring provides a profile

Many companies engage in sponsoring activities. rheingold studies show that whether and how a positive sponsoring relationship arises depends primarily on the effects of the content. 


Sponsoring is more than just another form of advertising. Targeted sponsoring produces added psychological benefits which can give companies or brands more personality and profile. So far, research has focused on the importance of the sponsoring venue selected – the main yardstick has been the number of viewer contacts. But rheingold studies show that a positive sponsoring relationship is determined primarily by the content. 


The psychological added benefits of a product make use of a fundamental tendency of our psyche: our “mental apparatus” tries to house in our main actions as many further tendencies and emotions as possible. As a result, products are always more than what they seem to be. Companies, too, are more than just their product or service offer. They stand for ways of life, for mentalities, for possible attitudes in a society.


A prerequisite for added value across products is that matters are sponsored which are very important psychologically for consumers or target groups. The involvement of companies then further upgrades these events. Nowadays, many people believe that in the field of sports, in particular, only those events are important in which sponsors are involved. Sponsoring is therefore an excellent way to help little-known companies or brands achieve special recognition. This opportunity has rarely been taken advantage of so far. Instead, most of the companies involved in sponsoring have had very well defined “personalities.” With such companies, however, there is the danger that content-related aspects will be neglected in favor of prominent venues.  


In practice, sponsoring partners have often had difficulty realistically appraising themselves. It is often easier to judge others than oneself, than one’s own company. As with good couples counseling, with sponsoring, in rheingold’s experience, consulting an independent third party can provide valuable help on the way to a positive sponsoring relationship. 

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