V.E.N.U.S.: Women are different – on women’s self-understand misunderstanding today

Women are different … complicated and hard to understand – and not in the eyes of men. That prejudice could not be refuted by this study. But precisely the complicated, multilayered, and constant new and surprising sides of women incited freundin magazine, together with rheingold, to carry out a study that is both basic and depth-psychological as well as comprehensive and statistically representative. The result is five psychological dimensions that provide insight into the much-cited differences of women and help shed light on how women think, feel, and act.

In the process, a question posed repeatedly is answered: are differences between younger and older women purely “biological,” i.e. attributable to different life phases? Or are sociological influences more important than biological factors? A ten year long research phase shows that, while women undergo similar biological developments, when she is 40, a woman who is 20 today will not be, feel, or think like a woman who is 40 today. And a 40-year-old woman today was not, did not feel or think like a 20-year-old woman today. V.E.N.U.S. is the latest study to prove that women’s differences are lasting.

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