beauty life

How do women deal with beauty and cosmetics today?
Which needs, desires, and longings are concealed behind the usage of cosmetics? What do women want to achieve with "beauty" and how does it alter their self-perception? What developments can manufacturers of "beauty products" and the market expect in the future?

In collaboration with Brigitte, rheingold conducted a depth-psychological study called "beauty life," a follow-up study to the 1998 "Future Woman" survey (rheingold/BBDO). The study examines todays beauty ideals and their integration into the realities of women. In interviews of a few hours duration, women aged 18 to 45 were asked to discuss the significance of beauty care in their daily lives and to describe their "beauty careers" up to the present day.

In beauty care today, there are three representative cultural trends and kinds of usage that are linked with desires: "creation mania," "longing for authenticity," and "neutralization rage." These states of mind give insight into brand loyalty, as well as brand and price acceptance.

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